"The Unforgotten Coat"

Two Mongolian Nomads and their Good Guide

Julie is in year six at school in Liverpool, England. She's mostly interested in getting Shocky to like her, and getting invited to her friend Mimi's house. But everything changes when Chingis and Nergui, two nomad boys from Mongolia, come to her school. They appoint Julie as their "good guide," and it becomes her duty to show them how things work in their new land. As she teaches them playground rules, British slang and how to play soccer, they teach her about yurts, horses, Xanadu and Chingis Khan. Julie finds out that Chingis and Nergui are afraid of something: they believe that Nergui is being pursued by a demon that will make him disappear, and he and Julie do all they can to keep him safe. To see Chingis's pictures of their adventures, and to find out ifunforgotten coat Nergui escapes the demon, check out The Unforgotten Coat.