Looking For A Good Graphic Novel?

If you're in search of a good book to read, then here are two recommendations for those that are visually stimulated. Here are two amazing graphic novels that are quick reads and that will definitely leave you wanting more!

Habibi book coverThe story of two orphans who learn to live together and support each other in the middle of the desert on an abandoned ship. A perfect blend of childhood fables, biblical lessons, and modern day issues. Watch out for the bodily mutilation though!

Pinocchio book coverFreely adapted with a dirty and sadistic twist on the original fairy tale. Pinocchio is a malfunctioning weapon of mass destruction, Jiminy Cricket is a drunk cockroach, and the seven dwarves are dirty old men. A must read for any adult who likes a good fairy tale. The authors really do a good job of weaving in today's issues in a way that really updates the story with modern day twist.