Check out 'Fake Mustache' by Tom Angleberger

Fake Mustache by Tom Angleberger book coverHow can Casper Bengue, a seventh-grader from small-town Hairsprinkle, rob a bank, buy one of the largest novelty companies, then become President of the United States? By owning the Heidelberg Handlebar Number Seven of course! A mustache so amazing that it hypnotizes everyone that sees it!

Who can stop this newly minted evil henchman? Only the same person that lent Casper the money to buy the fake mustache in the first place: Lenny Flem Jr.! But when Lenny tries to turn Casper in to the authorities, Casper (now known as Fako Mustacho) convinces everyone that Lenny is the “Evil One” and the entire town is out to get him! Lenny’s heroic quest to save us all from the effects of the Heidelberg Handlebar Number Seven leads him right into the arms/horse of Jodie O’Rodeo, teen star of the one-time hit television show The Jodie O’Rodeo Showdeo.

Can Lenny and Jodie avoid Fako’s brainwashed goons, save our country’s electoral process, and maybe even go out to the Hairsprinkle Hot Dog Stand when it is all over? To find out read Fake Mustache by Tom Angleberger, the author of the best-selling Origami Yoda series.