Petworth Library Summer Readers are Off to a Great Start!

bethle ayeleCongratulations to our very first summer reading challenge winner, 7-year-old Bethle Ayele! Amazingly, this dedicated student sat and read at the library to complete the three-hour challenge in one day---on June 2nd! We took a moment to gather some special facts about our eager reader…

What school do you attend?
Bethle: I go to International Christian Day School.
What grade are you transitioning to?
Bethle: I will start in second grade.
What is your favorite school subject?
Bethle: I like math. I finished my math book before the end of the school year and [my teacher] may let me start working in the second-grade book!
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Bethle: Um, I want to be a librarian so I can give people information about books. I can tell them where good books are. (The Petworth library's children’s staff cheers and gives her a high five.)
Which of your Summer Reading books did you like the best?
Bethle: I really liked Trixie, The Halloween Fairy [by Daisy Meadows].
Do you have advice for other summer readers?
Bethle: Yes, keep on…read!