Stuffed Animal Sleepover

Southwest Neighborhood Library hosted its very first Stuffed Animal Sleepover last Wednesday night!

All tucked in!Children brought in stuffed animals throughout the day on Wednesday and after pajama story time, everyone who was there chipped in to make name tags and decorate a beautiful blanket for our animal friends to sleep under. We sang them a lullaby, tucked them in and put them to bed!

But after all the people left, that's when the real fun began.

The stuffed animals snuck out of bed and took over the children's room.

They played flannel board guessing games (the mouse was hiding in the green house!)

Little mouse, little mouse, are you in the green house?

Everyone played on the computer and did arts and crafts.

Computer gamesDo you like my drawing?

Then there was a great big game of hide and go seek.

What about me?Can you see me?

Finally, thWe love to reade stuffed animals read one last picture book together and went back to bed, where they fell asleep right away, exhausted from all the awesome activities.

scrapbooksEnd page of scrapbookWhen their owners came to pick them up the next morning, the animals were super excited to see them. Sleeping over at the library is a lot of fun, but it sure is tiring!

Each animal got their very own scrapbook, filled with pictures from the night, to share with their owner and they all went home again, excited for the next stuffed animal sleepover.