Pajama Story time Presents…The Stuffed Animal Slumber Party

Dream Big

On Wednesday, July 25, our pajama story time friends and some of their special bedtime buddies from home joined us for stories, songs, dances and a craft activity. After the children left and the library closed, the plush pals had a great time together! Let's see what antics our cameras caught after the library closed down for the night.


First, our friends challenged each other to a game  of Angry Birds, then they decided to have some popcorn and watch "The Muppets" starring the one and only Kermit, the Frog!

Angry Birds popcorn

Afterward, it was time for a game of Hide-N-Seek. Snowy Rabbit was "It" and he had to find all the others' tricky hiding spots.

close eyes easy readers
brushing teeth As bedtime approached, the plush pals remembered to brush their teeth. Using Brush, Brush, Brush! as a guide, Elmo, Lolo and Stokely held a special oral hygiene demonstration. Just before falling asleep, the crew enjoyed an amazing pop-up book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, as their final bedtime story on the parachute.
When they awoke in the morning, they started their day off right with a healthy breakfast, a fun slide down the book chute and then they checked out the books of their choice. A great time was had by all!
breakfast checkout

Each stuffed animal friend was reunited with its beloved child owner.

memory booksAs a special treat, everyone took home intricately decorated scrapbooks with pictures of the fun times that the plush pals had.

Thanks for coming everyone!