The Rise of Nine - Check It Out!

bookcoverIf you're a teen book reader that yearns for aliens, action, and extraterrestrial romance, then The Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore is the book for you!

Follow the story of the seven teen-aged survivors from the planet Lorien as they teleport, walk on walls, read minds and breathe under water in order to save the Earth. Will their Legacies and Inheritances be enough to defeat the Mogs and return home to save their own dying planet? Read the first two books in the series, called Lorien Legacies -- I Am Number Four, The Power of Six -- and then read The Rise of Nine to find out if the seven teens are able to turn the tides in their favor and overcome impossible odds.

If you'd rather see and hear the action, then check out the movie version of I Am Number Four at your local neighborhood library.