Accessibility Hackathon 2

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library - Central Library

Accessibility Hackathon 2

Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012 (All day)

Accessibility Hackathon 2 will bring together young adults with disabilities, and companies that develop accessibility solutions, to provide mentorship and create new adaptive technology solutions.

You can register for Accessibility Hackathon 2 through Eventbrite.

In the week leading up to the Accessibility Hackathon, a group of young adults with disabilities will be mentored through the stages of entrepreneurship around the process of innovating new adaptive technologies. This will be led by a group of participating developers in a series of events related to DC Week, a city-wide tech festival that brings together developers, goverment and nonprofits.

On Saturday, the Accessibility Hackathon in room 215 will provide an opportunity to put the final touches on a concepts that have been developed over the week. Developers will polish details so that there is a real final product.

Event Schedule
Friday, Nov. 2: Transition Event Tabling
Saturday, Nov. 3: Transition Event Speeches
Monday, Nov. 5: Organization Events, Collaboration Opportunity, Info Sharing
Tuesday, Nov. 6: Tech Talk Tuesday, iPad imagining session; Info Session for participants about the issues; Intro to Hackathon event; Mentorship Events; Team-forming; Sharing project ideas
Wednesday, Nov. 7: Hackathon-related events; Coming up with the ideas
Thursday, Nov. 8: Hackathon-related events; Making things
Friday, Nov. 9: Wrap Up – Final Presentations
Saturday, Nov. 10: Hackathon

Please feel free to add your ideas for accessibility solutions to this list:

We look forward to seeing you!