The Color of a Good Read

link to library catalogThe Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett takes place in a magical universe, on top a turtle with sea-sized eyes, on top of four elephant's backs, on top of a flat and round planet called Discworld. The sun rises slowly there; not for any good reason, but because it wasn't sure it was worth all the effort. And because Discworld is permeated with magic, trees talk, rocks fly, and a good piece of traveling luggage has hundreds of tiny feet and very sharp teeth!

Follow Rincewind, the world's worst magician, and Twoflower, the world's first and last tourist, as they navigate through several epic misadventures. Will Rincewind's one and only spell be enough to keep the pair out of danger? Will Twoflower's knack for sniffing out trouble like a bloodhound be their undoing?

Watch as they navigate the surface of the Discworld with the finesse of a tap dancing hippo on thin ice! If you decide to read this book, be prepared to laugh out loud!