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In the novel Swallow, Tolani and her best friend Rose are two young women in the 1980s who must balance their morals against the fast-paced, rough-and-tumble life in Lagos, Nigeria's largest, most populous city. Secretaries in a bank, they often find themselves struggling, sometimes unsuccessfully, to make an honest living there.

A prolific novelist and playwright, author Sefi Atta brings these pages to vivid life with humor and the rhythms of Lagosian speech while documenting the serious challenges of life in urban West Africa. As that nation's former capital and its largest port, Lagos is portrayed as sprawling, corrupt, chaotic, and sometimes deadly.  Despite the nation's oil wealth, its workers are often left scrambling for food, transport and housing, if they play it straight. For women, marriage is seen as a way out, the more attractive of few options.

The title is a reference to the drug trade, another option for making ends meet. And yet, the city continues to be a destination for young people who stream from their villages in search of something bigger and better than the lives they leave behind.

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