New Book Explosion

Calling all teens and lovers of teen fiction! Check out some of the great new books we received earlier this week. Here are some highlights.

bookcover Necromancing the Stone, by Lish McBride
In the sequel to Hold Me Closer, follow along as Sam is getting used to his "normal" new life as an extremely powerful necromancer. He must learn to balance his girlfriend, his seat on the local magical council, and his homework; all while figuring out why someone close to him turns up dead.
bookcover Rootless, by Chris Howard
In the future, Banyan builds trees from junk and scrap metal even though he's never seen one. They were all destroyed over a century ago. Follow along as he teams up with pirates in search of trees and a promised land that could all be no more than a hoax. Read this book and see the amazing discoveries that Banyan makes and let this novel take root in your mind.