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Three years after World War II, a handsome drifter arrives in what appears to be a peaceful southern town and decides to make it his home. A butcher by trade, Charlie wins the hearts of all of the women and most of the men and children in town, but his heart is captivated by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and a rich man's young wife. He doesn't realize that she is just an illusion made in Hollywood, her own head, and the sewing room of an African American woman across town. His closest friends, a little boy and dog, have no clue that his story and his obsession will end much like the mountain songs the town hears on the radio, with the sweet melodies belying the horrid acts beneath.

Penned by Robert Goolrick, the author of A Reliable Wife, the novel tells the story of the two outsiders Charlie and Sylvan. With every chapter, layers are peeled from the placid surface of Brownsburg, Va. to reveal the town beneath.  Their embrace of the town's black community only serves to push the two lovers further away from the core community, leaving them utterly alone at the violent climax. 

"Cash Money"

A scene from "On The Town"

A scene from "On The Town"

A Scene from "On The Town"

In the postwar economy, cash is King and Charlie uses his veteran's bonus to purchase tracts of land cheaply, eventually becoming the area's largest landholder although he gives away his rights freely. Sylvan is also very aware that cash is King, since she literally belongs to her wealthy husband, as does the fate of her entire family.

However, the price of a movie ticket allows her to buy fantasy on time. Claudie, her seamstress friend, uses cash to support her independence and to buffer her tiny family from the impact of racism. Boaty uses cash as a weapon to bludgeon his creditors, neighbors, and county officials into submission and a strained tolerance, although he realizes that every smile he is flashed was bought at a price to his own pride.

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The Outsider's Lament and The Meaning of Home:
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