Miss Christina’s January Reading Pick

'Twelve Kinds of Ice'

In Twelve Kinds of Ice, author Ellen Bryan Obed delightfully describes how a summer garden turns into a magical winter wonderland.  Twelve Kinds of Ice Book CoverThis short series of vignettes occurs on a family farm in the children’s favorite season — “ice” season.  The book is filled with the beauty of the cycle of winter and the ice skating that comes year after year.  Obed poetically tells the tale of the first ice to the last and all the ice skating adventures in between. 

Illustrator Barbara McClintock draws delicate pen-and-ink wintery images depict the children’s thrilling ice escapades.  Some types of ice are more exciting than others and eventually the ice becomes only fond memories and hopeful dreams of the ice return.  The vivid and mental pictures Obed writes is an affirmation that it is the simplicities in life that allow the memories to live within our minds and hearts.  Best for ages 7 to 10.