Southwest Celebrates the Inauguration

The kids at Southwest celebrated Barack Obama's second inauguration last week. The older kids had an after school party with crafts, snacks and trivia and the story time crowd celebrated with a special story time.

In story time we talked about inauguration, Bo the first pup and took a tour of some sights that the president might see on his inaugural parade and that we can see every day!

Let's take a walk around the city,
We'll look high and we'll look low,
Tell me, how many sights do you know?

Congress and Senate meet here everyday;
they work hard to make laws and give the people a say.
The Capitol Building
It's the Capitol building!

In 1912 they planted these trees;
the blossoms are pretty, but they make me sneeze. ACHOO!
Cherry Tree
They're the cherry trees!

The steps to this memorial are tall, wide and grand;
they lead to the statue of a really great man.
Lincoln Memorial
It's the Lincoln Memorial!

This monument reaches up to the sky;
it honors our first president, a pretty swell guy.
Washington Monument
It's the Washington Monument!

The president lives here, his family does too;
it's painted all white, no red, orange or blue.
White House
It's the White House!

And those are the sights we see in Washington D.C.
Sights of DC