Black History Month Film Series

Enjoy a new movie every night during the week of Feb. 4 for our Black History Month Film Series.

African American Lives The Color Purple Their Eyes Were Watching God The Murder of Emmett Till

Feb. 4: African American Lives -- Features Henry Louis Gates guiding eleven other African Americans on a search for their ancestry while exploring the history of African Americans from the Middle Passage and slavery to the early 20th century. 2008, Not Rated. 240 minutes.
Feb. 5: Daughters of the Dust -- The story of a large African-American family as they prepare to move North from the Sea Islands off the coast of Georgia at the dawn of the 20th century. 1991, Not Rated. 114 minutes.
Feb. 6: The Color Purple -- The heart-wrenching story of a young black girl in the early 20th century who's forced into a brutal marriage and separated from her sister. 1985, Not Rated. 154 minutes.
Feb. 7: Their Eyes Were Watching God -- A drama set in the 1920s, where free-spirited Janie Crawford's search for happiness leads her through several different marriages, challenging the mores of her small town. 2005, TV-14. 113 minutes.
Feb. 8: Malcolm X -- Screen version of the life of Malcolm X, who through his religious conversion to Islam, found the strength to rise up from a criminal past to become an influential civil rights leader. 1992, PG-13. 201 minutes.
Feb. 9: The Murder of Emmett Till -- Accounts the murder of fourteen-year-old, Emmett Till, in Mississippi, in 1955. 2003, Not Rated. 60 minutes.