Film Noir Matinee Series

'Gilda,' 1946

GildaThis film features an expatriate cardsharp (Glenn Ford), a duplicitous casino owner (George Macready) and the eponymous Gilda (Rita Hayworth) in post-World War II Argentina. Before you can say, “put the blame on Mame,” Ford, Macready, and Hayworth are embroiled in high stakes gambling, nefarious former Nazis, and Gilda’s complex romantic attachments.

This monthly program began in early 2012 at the Tenley-Friendship Library and Gilda marks the series’ debut at its new home at the Palisades Library. Please join other noir enthusiasts on Saturday, Feb. 23 at 2 p.m. as we watch and discuss this classic film.
Black and white, unrated, 110 minutes.