Environmental Film Festival

Francis A. Gregory Library

Environmental Film Festival

Thursday, March 14, 2013, 1:30 p.m.

Logo for the Environmental Film Festival

In partnership with the 21st annual Environmental Film Festival, the Francis A. Gregory Library will showing several short films for school-aged children, ages 5 and over, their educators and parents. The following films will be shown:

  • A Sea Turtle Story (Canada, 2012, 10 min.) During the night, a sea turtle digs a hole on a tropical beach and lays her eggs in the sand. So begins the treacherous journey that is the life of a sea turtle among predators such as crabs, birds and sharks, depicted in this stop-motion animation. Written and directed by Kathy Schultz.
  • Hello, I'm a Nutria (USA, 2011, 5 min.) A cheeky little furry rodent called a nutria living in Washington State defends criticism that he is an invasive species and asks, “How long does it take to become a native?” He lists a whole slew of other animals who aren’t native to North America, including, well, humans. This animated short also includes a brief history of the fur trade in America. Written, directed and produced by Drew Christie.
  • Bunty's Tree (India, 2011, 5 min.) This animation tells a touching and warm story of the bond that exists between a little boy living in a picturesque valley and a tree that grows in the courtyard of his house. The film traces the journey of little boy into adulthood under the love and care of the tree's motherly instincts. So fond is the lad of the tree that he tenderly carves out his name on the bark of the tree for posterity. When he grows up, he works with a timber merchant. One day something happens that makes him tremble from head to toe. Something that happens to his tree; something that changes his life forever! Directed by Jasraj Singh Bhatti. Produced by Mad Arts, Jaspal Bhatti Film School. Winner, Best Animated Short, 2011 Los Angles Film Festival.
  • Song of the Spindle (USA, 2011, 5 min.) In this humorous and informative conversation between a sperm whale and a man, each tries to convince the other that his brain is bigger, they discover some surprising things they have in common and the whale offers humankind some sage advice. Written and directed by Drew Christie.
  • Hanging Around (Germany, 2010, 3 min.) A sloth takes a snooze under the watchful eye of a jaguar in a forest under threat in this whimsical, humorous animation. Directed by Sébastien Wolf, Hamburg ShortFilm Agency.
  • The Windmill Farmer (USA, 2010, 5 min.) A nurturing farmer in is danger of losing his crop of windmills when he struggles against the cyclical forces of nature. Written and directed by Joaquin Baldwin.
  • A Drop's Life (USA, 2011, 5 min.) An animated water drop takes us on an exciting journey through the water cycle to demonstrate the environmental benefits of D.C. Water’s new tunneling system, known as the Clean Rivers Project. This project is designed to capture combined sewer overflow and reduce pollution to the District’s waterways. Produced by The Clean Rivers Project. D.C. Water representatives will facilitate an age-appropriate, fun, learning activity involving water following screening.