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The Alibi Series by Teri Woods

Alibi CoverIn the Alibi series, filled with the usual drugs, sex, lies and deceit of most urban fiction novels, Woods creates a lie that costs the characters in the book their lives or, at a minimum, their livelihood.

After a robbery gone wrong leads to the death of three people, Nard is forced to provide an “alibi” of his whereabouts to get the police off of his back. When friend Sticks promises to straighten everything out and proposes the “perfect alibi," Nard feels that his time behind bars is limited. Daisy, a stripper trying to make ends meet, sacrifices her life for a quick couple of thousand which she realizes, all too soon, was not worth it. She finds out that money is the root of all evil, and her job as a stripper was nothing compared to what her life would become.

Meanwhile, a back story involving the cops who are following the case pursues as partners try to put clues together to find out if the proposed alibi is true. They are forced to connect the dots as bullets fly and dead bodies pop up here and there, all the while not thinking to watch their backs from their own.

This series is definitely a page turner, an action-packed whirlwind filled with characters you cannot help but to loathe. While you wish the best for some, you'll hope that the next page seals the fate of others. I enjoyed this series and I am assuming that there will be an Alibi 3 right around the corner. I found myself gasping, shaking my head and sometimes laughing at both the characters and the things they encountered, all because of an alibi that went terribly wrong. 

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