Street Reads…What’s the T?

The 'Dutch' series by Teri Woods

“...go on out there and take back what them people took from you!” Dutch Cover

After getting locked up, Dutch's mother's words set in motion a plan to gain power over the streets. In Teri Wood's Dutch series, Dutch meticulously plans his every move to get to the top by taking out those who stood in his way and gaining the trust and friendship of those who could help him. Gaining the respect of the mob, Dutch develops a backing that street thugs only dream about, making his climb one that he could grasp. When Tony, one of Dutch’s mentors and close friends, dies, Dutch’s world comes crashing down as those who yearn to be him try to bring him down and take over his operation.

Dutch leaves his operation in the hands of Young World, one of his men that he trained, believing that he was capable of continuing his reign. Charged with being behind “the reign of terror," he stays cool as former friends and enemies try to do him in. Unbeknownst to those against him, Dutch stays one step ahead and takes it all in stride as he focuses on his mother's words and refuses to be locked up like a dog.  

I thoroughly enjoyed this series. The format of the first of the trilogy made for an more exciting read as it switched from past to present. Woods gives her readers enough background information to understand the present without losing their interest. The way that she described the characters and how they linked together was done effortlessly and with grace.

But the question still stands: Who will control the streets in the end?