Street Reads….What’s the T?

The Cartel Series by Ashley and JaQuavis

Carter Diamond has it all.  Respected by the streets and feared by most, Carter, built an empire that many idolized known as The Cartel. Dabbling in legitimate business endeavors here and there, Carter heads Miami’s cocaine distribution. When Carter's rival beats him at his own game, Carter's secrets come to light -- and the kingpin faces life in prison.

When Carter leaves the family to fend for themselves and keep the Cartel afloat, someone unknown shows up: his son, Carter Jr. Without Carter Sr. around, his son puts in work to make sure that the Cartel does not lose its fire. But as time passes, Young Carter realizes that he may be in over his head -- as he loses those close to him and the Cartel continues to break down faster than he can build it back up. The Haitians are hot on the Cartel’s trail (or so they think), and emotions stir, which sometimes prove to be detrimental to the cause.

In the end, Young Carter is left wondering: Who is trustworthy in the game of the streets? Is blood really thicker than water? And did Eve get it right when she rapped, “Love is blind. And it will take over your mind…”

I found this series to be one of Ashley and JaQuavis’ best. They took the time to develop the characters and provide more than enough past history for each. I enjoyed receiving different character voices from chapter to chapter, and trying to figure out how the series would unfold due to each character's contribution. I must admit that I’m a quick reader, but I read all four books in the series in less than a week. I had to know what would become of Carter and would he open his eyes soon enough to see that some of the people he held dear to his heart were not who they seemed to be.