How Many Countries Have Your Pajamas Seen?

How far have your pajamas traveled?  Every Thursday night, the pajamas at the Palisades Neighborhood Library get their passports stamped from another foreign country.  The evening Folktale program brings children 5 - 10 through the librry door in their slippers for crafts, folktales and a global themed snack.

 This past year has brought a variety of adventures. Grace Chang, a Chinese author visited the library and
dazzled everyone with her dragon puppet Jin Jin and a plethora of magic tricks.  The German Embassy also paid a visit, to   join in the creation of St. Martin's Day lanterns for the Euro Festival.  For Hanukkah, participants enjoyed Jewish folktales and the driedel game.

Every Thursday night beginning January 7, another country awaits.  Stories begin around 7pm with a snack and craft afterwards, And don't forget the pajamas!