'Seeing Cinderella' by Jenny Lundquist

Librarian vs. Student

Welcome to our new monthly series, where a librarian and a student both review the same book! First up, it's Seeing Cinderella by Jenny Lundquist.

Seeing CinderellaWhat the librarian says:
Callie is just trying to survive sixth grade with her family and friendships in tact, but it's hard when her best friend is starting to drift away and she hasn't seen her dad in ages. To top it all off, the eye doctor doesn't have her glasses and the temporary ones he gives her are the biggest, the chunkiest, the ugliest glasses that anyone has ever seen.

Callie is used to fading into the background, especially when compared to her pretty and funny best friend Ellen, and that's just fine. The new glasses make just getting by impossible though, because she soon learns that her horrible new glasses are magic! They let Callie see what everyone around her is actually thinking but not saying. At first it's fun, catching her parents and friends in white lies and seeing what her teachers are actually thinking about when they're supposed to be teaching. Callie even uses her new power to help her talk to her crush and to make sure Ellen still wants to be her friend.

There are some downsides though, after all. Would you really want to see what everyone was thinking about you all the time? When Callie gets the chance to play Cinderella in the school play, she turns it down so Ellen can have the spotlight yet again and that's when things really get interesting. Can Callie learn to use her newfound power for good? Is she destined to stay in the wings forever, or will she figure out a way to shine too? And what will she do when her real glasses come in and she has to give up this power for once and for all?

What the student, age 12, says:
I think you should read Seeing Cinderella because it's a good book. It has a girl being bullied in it and that happens mostly every day. It also gives advice on people with glasses or even if you have been bullied.

If you have been called names or you wear glasses, you can relate to this book. It's a good mystery sort of book as well. Like whether she'll do this or that and it has a little bit of romance in it as well. It's still a great book without romance though.

If I could rate this book it'll totally be a 5-star book.