Under Wildwood

The thrilling sequel in the Wildwood Series

Cover Art "Under Wildwood"When we left Prue and Curtis at the end of Wildwood, we couldn't help but feel their story wasn't over. Curtis had chosen to stay behind with his fellow bandits, and Prue had heroically returned from Wildwood with her baby brother. However, while this may have seemed like a happily ever after, all was not well in Wildwood or The Outside.  Prue remains restless, and can't seem to quiet her new gift of communicating with plants -- a talent that proves to be quite distracting at school.  Meanwhile, Curtis' family refuses to give up hope of finding him, meaning that his sisters must stay at the Unthank Home for Wayward Youth while their parents follow a lead to Turkey.  All of this culminates in adventure when a shape-shifting assassin is sent from Wildwood to The Outside to eliminate Prue the Bicycle Maiden once and for all.  

Will Curtis and Prue be able to save Wildwood?  Will Curtis's sisters survive Mr. Unthank's diabolical plans for unadoptable children?  Check out Colin Meloy's second installment, Under Wildwood, to find out!

-- Brooke Hadder