Spring Break Nail Art Tutorial for Teens and Tweens

Wednesday, April 3, 2013 - 3 p.m.

Nail art is taking the fashion world by storm, and you can be a part of the trend, too! Learn how to create a brightly colored moon-icure (or reverse French manicure) and embellish it with stickers and metallic studs! Every participant will get an emery board and cuticle pusher to take home, so you can recreate the manicure again at home. While we wait for our nails to dry, we will learn how to search for nail art and other beauty video tutorials online and then watch some tutorials and music videos. Choose one from a variety of beauty product samples to take home as party favor!

Ages 10 to 18.

Please get permission to paint your nails from your parents or guardian before attending the program. We will be using real nail polish that does not peel off.

Please remove all nail polish before coming to the library. Nail polish remover will not be available at the program.