Giggle Picks from Mrs. Jess

Jpey Pigza Swallowed The Key by Jack GantosJoey Pigza is constantly wired. He is so wired that he cannot sit still in class at all. In Joey Pigza Swallowed The Key by Jack Gantos, this causes a lot of problems, such as sticking popsicle sticks into the pencil sharpener or swallowing a key whole. Unfortunately, not even Joey’s mother’s rules seem to calm Joey down.

Joey Pigza is a hilarious character who also accurately portrays what it’s like to have ADHD. Joey’s journey to a somewhat normal school experience is filled with silly twists and turns. In writing the Joey Pigza books, Jack Gantos was inspired by conversations he overheard from the teacher’s lounge when he was growing up.  Join Joey for his witty adventures with his wired grandmother, his mother’s rules and Special Ed.