Proactive Princesses

There comes a point when a lot of little children become princess obsessed. It's like a switch is flipped and suddenly it's all twirly, pretty dresses and fairy godmothers all the time.

While princesses themselves are inherently awesome, it can be hard to find princess books that don't relegate the princesses themselves to the background action. Luckily, we've spent some time around picture books and have come up with a list of 20 stories starring positive, proactive princesses who don't sit around all day waiting for a prince or glass slipper to save them.

Read these book with your princess (or prince) in training and feel good about the messages you're sharing with them.

The Princess and the Pizza The Princess and the Pig Olivia and the Fairy Princess The Princess Knight Princess Hyacinth the Surprising Tale of the Girl Who Floated
The Princess and the Pizza 
by Mary Ann Auch
The Princess and the Pig 
by Jonathan Emmett
Olivia and the Fairy Princess 
by Ian Falconer
The Princess Knight 
by Cornelia Funke
Princess Hyacinth (the Surprising Tale of a Girl who Floated) 
by Florence Perry Heide
Princess Grace Princess Says Goodnight Princess Furball Cinder Edna The Paper Princess
Princess Grace 
by Mary Hoffman
Princess Says Goodnight 
by Naomi Howland
Princess Furball 
by Charlotte Huck
Cinder Edna 
by Ellen Jackson
The Paper Princess 
by Elisa Kleven
The Monster Princess The Storytelling Princess Princess Fishtail The Paper Bag Princess Sleeping Bobby
Monster Princess 
by DJ MacHale
The Storytelling Princess 
by Rafe Martin
Princess Fishtail 
by Frances Minter
Paper Bag Princess
 by Robert Munch
Sleeping Bobby 
by Will Osborne
Brave: One Perfect Day Apple Pip Princess Brave Margaret Falling for Rapunzel Waking Beauty
Brave: One Perfect Day 
by Steve Purcell
Apple Pip Princess 
by Jane Ray
Brave Margaret 
by Robert San Souci
Falling for Rapunzel 
by Leah Wilcox
Waking Beauty 
by Leah Wilcox

Who is your favorite proactive princess? We're always looking for more books featuring inspiring princesses, so be sure to stop by and let us know what we've missed!