A series Wimpy Kid fans will love!

Introducing... Aldo Zelnick!

Aldo Zelnick is a fifth grader, an artist, and a collector of words. He keeps track of the events of his life in a journal, where he draws funny cartoons and confesses his innermost thoughts. Each of his journals focuses on a different letter. So far, there are seven books in the series.

They are written by Karla Oceanak, illustrated by Kendra Spanjer, and published by Bailiwick Press. Click the titles below to see each of the Aldo Zelnick books in the library's catalog.

Find them at the Tenley library in the children's fiction section, under J Oceanak.

Artsy Fartsy Cover Image

Bogus cover image

Cahoots cover image

Dumbstruck cover image

Egghead Cover Image

Finicky cover image

  Glitch cover art