Beneath the Surface: Hip-Hop Workshop With Lewis Ford

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 5:30 p.m.

artist album cover"I am a Washington D.C. born Hiphoppa. Growing up in the “Trap” or inner-city, hip-hop was a major influence on my mind and the minds of the youth in these environments. This is why I dedicate my life to living and teaching Hip Hop as a positive life strategy. It is my hope that Hip Hop Kulture can lead more people towards peace."

Inspired by "the Gospel of Hip-Hop" by KRS One, Lewis 'LeWONe' Ford brings hip-hop education to DC Public Library. Learn about the positive power of hip-hop as the voice for the oppressed and an alternative view of your world.

Ages 13-19. 

For more about Lewis Ford and for a listen to his latest album, visit his Bandcamp page!

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