Help Your Child Get Ready to Read

Children prepare to read long before they go to school - early literacy is everything children know about reading and writing before they can actually read and write. Early literacy is not the teaching of reading. It is a set of skills that helps children become successful readers. The American Library Association has identified six early literacy skills that foster reading and writing:

  • Print Motivation - Being interested in books
  • Phonological Awareness - Playing with sounds in words (rhyming), knowing the sounds each letter makes
  • Narrative Skills - Telling stories and describing things
  • Enriched Vocabulary - Knowing the names of specific things
  • Print Awareness - holding a book the proper way, reading left to right
  • Letter Knowledge - Knowing the difference between how letters look and sound

All of the Children's Librarians at Chevy Chase include early literacy activities during our story times. Throughout the year, we will discuss these skills and give examples of activities you can do at home to reinforce these skills.