Renter's Rights: The Basics

book jacket for Renters RightsIf you are a renter, you should read Renter's Rights: The Basics 7th Edition by NOLO, a trusted publisher in legal books for the layperson.

Renters' Rights: The Basics covers important issues that all tenants need to understand in negotiating with their landlords.  After reading this book, you will understand issues such as legal reasons for turning down your lease application, and what constitutes illegal discrimination in housing.

There are practical tips for researching your landlord and the property you wish to rent. You will gain a better understanding of how lease agreements are drafted, and an understanding of provisions contained in the lease agreement and your rights under the lease. Practical tips are provided for pursuing legal remedies with your landlord such as:

  • landlord retaliation,
  • getting repairs,
  • going to small claims court,
  • obtaining a mediator,
  • and your rights to privacy.

If you are interested in learning more about landlord and tenant relations, consult the DC Public Library catalog for this book and other relevant books and databases.