Furies: War in Europe 1450-1700

Photo of Furies CoverLauro Martines takes on the challenge of discussing one of the long forgotten periods in European military history in his newest book Furies: War in Europe 1450-1700. The book can be described as well written, well researched, and well done overall. 

Martines looks at the devastating effects of war in an episodic and inclusive study.  His chapters cover everything from new weapons and sieges to plunder, religion and the economy.  Jumping back and forth throughout, Furies covers the Italian Wars, The Thirty Years War and the Wars of Religion.  The reader is able to gain a better understanding of a life in Renaissance Europe that was harsh, bloody and full of privation even as some of the most beautiful art works ever created were being produced. 

This engaging title is a must for any history buff who is interested in the culture of Europe during this nation shaping period.  In addition, any fan of Eric Flint’s Assiti Shards series must take the time to read this enlightening piece if they want to learn more about the real armies of Gustavus Adolphus or Wallenstein.