'That Woman' by Anne Sebba

Staff recommendations

That Woman bookcoverA very distinguished elderly lady customer requested That Woman: The Life of Wallis Simpson, Dutchess of Windsor and I was intrigued immediately.  Who hasn't heard about the king who gave up his crown for the love of a commoner?  Wallis Simpson knew she was blamed for the abdication of Edward VIII and had to live with this notoriety for the rest of her life.  Although she was not the nicest, most considerate person, the reader may feel some sympahty for her and will be surprised by what is revealed about her and her relationship with Edward VIII.

As my distinguished customer states, "that country should be glad that woman took that man away."  You will find out why when you read this book.  Although there are far too many unnecessary and confusing references to letters and statements by their contemporaries, the book is nevertheless interesting and enlightening.

-- Hanife Conry