Creative Expressions Contest

Do you like to draw and paint?  Or write stories and poetry?  Do you want to show your work to the world but you're not sure how to get it out to the public?  Then enter the Creative Expressions Contest at Northeast Library! 
In this contest, anyone ages 10-19 can submit a creative work, be it written work, a picture, or some other form of media, between now and January 16th. Just bring your work and a index card with your name, address and contact information (phone or email) to the library and you are in the contest. Please do not put your name on your work, because we will not be able to enter it into the contest for judging. Your work will be displayed in the library until the end of the month, at which time you may come back to the library to retrieve your work. 
Everyone who enters this contest recieves a prize for participating when they submit their work, and we will have a grand prize, first runner-up prize and second runner-up prize as well. 
We are hoping that we can do this contest each month, but we need you to enter the contest or we won't be able to keep it going.  So get those creative juices flowing, and submit your work by Saturday, January 16th.
Please call the library at (202) 698-3320 if you have any questions about the contest.