"Toys Go Out" with the Petworth Kids' Book Club

toysbookclub1Petworth Kids' Book Club members met together on Friday, April 12 to discuss Toys Go Out by Emily Jenkins. The book consists of six tales about the three toy friends, who have fun adventures that teach them about themselves each other and the world beyond the child's bedroom in which they live. Our book club friends listened to a few excerpts from the audiobook, shared which of the toys' tales was their favorite, and spoke of the qualities they appreciate most in their own best friends and the games and activities they enjoy with them.

After our enjoyable conversation, we had a great time playing games of rhythm and coordination, including pick-up sticks! Before they left, each member checked out Melonhead by Katy Kelly, which was assigned for next month's meeting on May 16 at 4 p.m.
Thanks to family members for continuing to bring our club members to each of our meetings!

Please Note: As of May 1, we will no longer be posting to our individual Petworth Neighborhood Library Facebook page. Please visit the DC Public Library Facebook page to stay abreast of Petworth Library program updates and notices. Thank you!