'Rookie Yearbook One,' Edited by Tavi Gevinson

Cover of Rookie Yearbook OneRookie Yearbook One is not just a style guide. Tavi Gevinson is the editor of the book and founder of the website Rookie. Rookie Yearbook One is a compilation of articles, photos and stories from the website and from Tavi's mind.

What's so impressive about this book, and the Rookie aesthetic is that it is not based in one genre. Rookie is not hipster, or glam, or girly chic. Though the website and the book are founded from Tavi Gevinson's ideas, Rookie benefits from having such a diverse staff; its writers taking their own style to create an aura of confidence without being too serious. In that sense, Rookie is not about finding out what is the fashionable now. Instead, the book is about embracing the things that appeal to you. If that means wearing an oversized polkadot top with neon tights and bow, then do it! If it means wearing a blazer festooned with buttons, then do it! Most importantly, you should be doing what makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. Taking ideas from the book is just a way to help you find what that comfort feels like.

Rookie Yearbook One is available for checkout at the Cleveland Park Library.