Winners of The Georgetown Library Children's Poetry Contest

The Georgetown Library Children’s Poetry Contest was full of thoughtful poems this year. It was a tough choice, but the judges managed to select first and second place poems. We’ve included the winning poems below for your reading pleasure, and a photograph of our winning poet, Lucy Kerr.

Winning Poet, Lucy Kerr with her prize

First Place
"Canvas" by Lucy Kerr

When I was on my blanket
On the fourth of July
I realized I was on a canvas
With a lush green grass
A dark purple sky
Orange, red and pink colors bursting in the sky
A silver white yellow moon
And a tinge of deep blue.
When I went home
And carefully painted it
Feeling my heart burst with joy like the fireworks
As I made an X in my heart for a treasure
As I savored the moment!
Second Place
"I Wish" by Leire Sofia Rossi-Crespo

I wish for a dog, I wish for a horse
I wish to have, I wish to do I wish to see.
But most of all I wish to grow and to stay…