Dia de Los Ninos, Dia de Los Libros

Celebrating Children's Day, Book Day at the library. Diversity in Action!
Ms. Lulu and child
Ms. Lulu and child

We had so much fun celebrating Dia here at the Juanita E. Thornton/Shepherd Park Neighborhood Library! Dia is short for "Dia de los ninos, Dia de los libros," which translates to "Children's day, book day." It has also come to be an acronym for "Diversity in Action." Learn more about Dia on the official Dia website.

Shake It, Morena!Arroz Con LecheDia takes place every year on April 30, and we've been celebrating at DCPL all week long! On Monday evening, April 29, we had a very special program with our visitor Lulu Delacre, a children's author and storyteller

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Kids of all ages came to the library to celebrate Dia with Latino stories, songs, and food. Ms. Lulu was fantastic, providing activities that appealed to our tiniest guests, as well as the big kids. We learned some fun new games to play, along with some new Spanish words. 

Ms. Lulu shared some of her books with us, too. My favorite book by Lulu Delacre is Salsa Stories because it has stories and recipes! I followed the recipes in salsa stories to make two kinds of cookies, "Besitos de Coco" (or "Coconut kisses") from Puerto Rico and Alfajores (yummy dulce de leche sandwich cookies) from Argentina. 

Salsa Stories book and raw Besitos de Coco Besitos de Coco Alfajores
Besitos de Coco, before they're baked. Yummy Besitos de Coco, ready to eat. Alfajores from Argentina.

Ms. Lulu with her prints

Each story in Salsa Stories features a special food, and at the end of the book, there is a recipe to go along with every story! We also tasted Pico De Gallo, a Mexican relish, with tortilla chips, as well as three flavors of soda from Mexico: apple, pineapple, and mandarin!

Lulu Delacre is also a talented artist and illustrator. For Salsa Stories, she used a linoleum print method to create the gorgeous artwork. She taught us a little bit about printmaking, and explained her process. She even brought in some of her lino blocks and original prints to show us, which was super exciting. 

A big thank you to Ms. Lulu, and to everyone who came out to celebrate with us. I had so much fun with each and every one of you!
-- Becky Shaknovich, Children's Librarian