Bring the Kids to the Library to Beat the Heat!

Here are some fun books for the kids for summer reading....
Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin
Forget Puff. There are some new dragons in town, and they eat tacos, lots of tacos. Rubin and illustrator Daniel Salmieri deliver zesty laughs -- but watch out.  

When these creatures eat salsa, things get muy caliente.
The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore by William Joyce
The story that inspired the Academy Award-winning short film is finally a book. A treatise on stories, loss and love, it transports Morris Lessmore to a library where winged books take flight. For all those gentle souls not ready to let go of the printed word, take comfort in this timeless read.
chloe instead
Chloe, Instead by Micah Player
When Molly's little sister, Chloe, doesn't turn out to be just like Molly, she declares her a nuisance. But over time, Molly learns to accept her pesky sidekick and have some fun with her sib.
On My Way to the Bath by Sarah Maizes
For every frazzled mom who's patiently waited to bathe her rug rat and for every kid who's ever tried to dodge the tub,
Sarah Maizes created an imaginative adventure that ends with another escapade bubbling up.
seriously, go to sleep
Seriously, Just Go to Sleep by Adam Mansbach
The G-rated version of the phenom reads as gently as a soft lullaby. If your kids still won't go to sleep, try Samuel L. Jackson's strike-down-upon-thee-with-great-vengeance-and-furious-anger Pulp Fiction speech. And voila, they're out.
night, knight
Night Knight by Owen Davey
A bedtime adventure for your little knight of the round table. After defeating Rex, the three-headed dragon, he'll be ready for some shut-eye.
sweet dreams
Sweet Dreams by Rose A. Lewis
A little girl's imagination unlocks nocturnal critters who become her dreamtime companions; the poetic text gives your little one a good night's kiss.