Book Review: 'The Audacity of Hops'

The History of America's Craft Beer Revolution

Book CoverTom Acitelli's The Audacity of Hops: The History of America's Craft Beer Revolution has a lot to offer beyond its catchy title and is sure to quench your thirst for beer knowledge. The growth of craft beers in this country has been swift over the past 30 years. Each part of this book is laid out chronologically and features a different region, from San Francisco to Juno to Boulder to D.C.

You will see some big names in the telling of this story like Pabst but you will mainly hear about smaller breweries making their mark. This book is well researched and includes end notes, a select bibliography and an index which is more than any beer lover can hope for. 

Mark your calendar for D.C. Beer Week Aug. 11-18!

-- M. MacCall