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'Flippin’ the Hustle' by Trae Macklin

Flippin the Hustle book coverIn Flippin’ the Hustle by Trae Macklin, Macklin takes his readers into to the world of Derrick Richards, a trained DEA agent who entered the world of the law shortly after his brother Ray was murdered in cold-blood. 

He began to receive notoriety from his superiors for bringing down some of state's most wanted criminals. He soon was transferred from North Carolina to New York City as an undercover agent to track down one of the deadliest crime organizations in the nation, and life as he knew it would never be the same.

Determined to fit the "baller" persona, Derrick flosses around in expensive cars and jewelry, piquing the curiosity of the DEA. Once Derrick joins the Black Tar Boyz crew under the alias “Tree,” he seeks to get close to the group’s leader, Richard Jordan, aka RJ. Observing Tree’s money-making talent, RJ allows him into the upper echelon of the organization as one of his top men. While Derrick gets in good with RJ and the crew, he contemplates his undercover role and playing both sides of the fence. And falling in love with Naria, RJ’s sister, does not make things any easier.

Flipplin’ the Hustle was my first read from this author. I thoroughly enjoyed this book from beginning to end. The plot was developed and the characters created an exciting story. Embedded into the story line were several unexpected twists and turns, easily making this a true page-turner. I was on edge trying to figure out Derrick’s next move, and if his secret would come to light to his new found friends.

Will Derrick follow through on his mission or will he get too accustomed to the benefits of his new way of life?

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