Street Reads...What's the T?

'Guard the Throne' by Nisa Santiago

Guard the Thone book coverPeople always say that money is the root of all evil. Some can never get enough. When they have some, they look for ways to acquire more. In Guard the Throne, author Nisa Santiago creates a story revolving around just that.

Curtis had it all -- money, street fame, and three beautiful children. When he gets wind that someone close to him has disrespected him by sleeping with the mother of his children, he does something that causes his untimely demise and leaves his children to make ends meet without him providing their lavish lifestyle. Not only do they have to figure out how to fend for themselves and each other, his children get tangled in a web of deceit by the one person they thought they could trust. While Citi, Curtis’ daughter, pulls herself together and finds a way to bring in money, the transition for her twin brothers, Cane and Chris, isn’t as easy.  The boys want to take matters into their own hands to avenge their father’s death and look to Citi to bring in the money.

Although this isn’t Nisa Santiago’s first book and she has established herself as a force within the urban fiction community, this was my first time reading her work. I was not disappointed. I enjoyed the storyline and how it mirrored the fall of people in dangerous occupations. It seems that drug dealers and the like very seldom think about who they would leave behind if they didn’t outlive the streets. This story depicted what happens after the fall to a T. I continued turning the pages just to see if Citi and her brothers would overcome their struggle after their father’s death and all of the loose ends that it left.
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