6 Tips to Give Your Job Search a Boost

The Job Seekers Corner
Picture of a help wanted signShirell Hairston of the employment guide shares with us six tips to give your job search a boost.
  1. Update your cover letter and resume. Include your most relevant experience and highlight your qualifications. Show how the skills you gained in previous positions will prove valuable to the job you're currently applying for.
  2. Apply for as many jobs as you can. Don't limit yourself to a specific amount of jobs. Let the numbers work in your favor. There's really no benefit to applying for only two or three jobs, especially in today's competitive job market.
  3. Perfect your elevator pitch. First impressions are everything. Create a brief statement that summarizes what you bring to the table so when you get the chance to share what you're all about, the words will flow effortlessly and logically. Knowing what to say and when to say it shows confidence -- one of the top traits employers look for in candidates.
  4. Have a good attitude. Job search fatigue is real, so time spent reorganizing your thoughts can be beneficial to you and your efforts. Take a break to focus on doing something you enjoy. Remain inspired and show your enthusiasm during every interaction.
  5. Do your homework. Research the companies you are interested in working for to learn about their products, services and upcoming events. Be prepared to effectively convey your level of interest if you are asked why you want to work for the company.
  6. Show up and ask for the manager. All things considered, opportunity favors the bold. Perhaps you want to work for the grocery chain Safeway. Visit the closest store and ask for the hiring manager and introduce yourself. He or she will more than likely direct you to their career site, but at least there's a possibility your application will stand out from the others.  Why? Because you put yourself out there and hopefully the manager will appreciate your effort.