Lyric Workshop - Examining the Truths of Today's Radio Artist

Beneath the Surface - Teen Summer Reading
Calling all aspiring singers, songwriters, and hip hop artists! Come join us on Tuesday, July 30 at 5:30 p.m. for a Lyric Workshop! Explore the backgrounds of popular artists and singers. How do they talk about their lives in their music? What do you admire about them -- is it their sound, their look, or their lifestyle? Spoken word poet Candica Iloh will teach you how to turn your ideas into lyrics.

Ages 13-19.

Candice Iloh is an educator, poet, and performance artist who has lead workshops for the past 6 years throughout the D.C. metropolitan area. She hopes to encourage women and young people to use their own voices and create their own worlds.

Photo of Candice Iloh