Global Film Series


aficheLife Kills Me: Life and death collide in this comedy about an unlikely friendship between a grieving young cinematographer and a morbidly obsessed drifter. Gaspar is still reeling from the death of his beloved older brother when he meets Alvaro, a mildly sociopathic young man, who soon coaxes Gaspar out of his shell in unexpected ways. (In Spanish with English subtitles)
July 17, 6 p.m.  
Modest Reception: Leila and Kaveh are a mysterious pair of urban sophisticates from Tehran who travel the countryside pushing big bags of money on the poor. This turns out to be harder than it sounds, as the couple come up with increasingly brazen schemes to place large sums of cash in the hands of the wary, proud or indifferent. (In Farsi with Enblish subtitles)
Aug. 22, 6 p.m.

The films listed above are for adult and teen audiences. They are co-presented by the Global Film Initiative and are part of the Global Lens 2013 film series. Visit the Parklands-Turner Library to view these exciting screenings.