Yoga and Meditation

Girl in yoga pose.

Join us on Saturday, Aug. 3 and Saturday, Sept. 7 at 2 p.m. for Yoga and Meditation with Debbie Bennett.

Debbie Bennett is a certified Yoga Instructor and the founder of Heal me Yoga. She has been studying yoga and meditation since 1985. In these sessions, she will focus on teaching the healing aspects of yoga and how it helps us to deeply connect with ourselves.
Aug. 3 - Yoga, Meditation and Stress Reduction
Join Debbie Bennett as she helps people cope with the stress in our lives and how yoga and meditation can help one relax and enjoy life more. Debbie will leave you with a few postures that you can do every day to enhance your health and to inspire you to meditate every day.                                   
Sept. 7 - Deeper into Yoga and Meditation

Debbie Bennett will focus on the benefits of Yoga techniques and inspire one to continue to do yoga and meditate every day. New postures will be learned to add to the ones that have already been taught. Discover how yoga and meditation can help with every day stress.