Meet Ralph!

A Mt. Pleasant Library Volunteer

Photo of Ralph the PAL dog

Ralph is a PAL dog and new volunteer at the Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Library. He visits when his schedule permits.
Here are ten facts about Ralphie the doggie:

  1. Ralph was adopted from PetConnect Rescue.
  2. Ralph’s Adoption Day is December of 2012. 
  3. Ralph is a magical mix of dog breeds (a mix of Terrier and Beagle most likely).
  4. Ralph is one and a half years old.
  5. Ralph enjoys visits to the dog park.
  6. Ralph enjoys walks through Meridian Hill Park.
  7. Ralph loves to cuddle on the sofa.
  8. Ralph sometimes wears his hair in a Mohawk style.
  9. Ralph’s favorite food is cheese.
  10. Ralph weighs 30 lbs.

To meet Ralph in person, please come to our PAL Pajama Party on Wednesday nights at 7 p.m.