Everyone Has A Heartbeat. Few Have The Pulse

bookcoverFollow along in the year 2051 where most of the population of the United States lives in two large domes called the Eastern and Western States. A young teenager named Faith lives beyond the dome, along with a very small percentage of others that have chosen to remain on the outside.

Read this book and find out how two seemingly invisible factions, those in favor of the states and those against them, will battle it out. With the help of her hunky friend and classmate Dylan, Faith will learn to focus her dormant telekinetic powers to protect herself and fight for what she believes in. It won't be easy and she'll be up against others like herself that also have special abilities.

As we all know, along with great achievement and abilities comes great sacrifice. What will Faith have to sacrifice in exchange for her new abilities? Read Pulse by Patrick Carman to find out!