Attention Murakami Fans!

Have you heard?

Fans of prolific Japanese writer Haruki Murakami will be thrilled to hear that his latest novel is set to be translated and released in English sometime next year. The novel, which translates to Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage, was released in Japan on April 12 and has already reportedly sold a million copies in true Murakami fashion.

The hysteria over his new releases in Japan has been likened to the Harry Potter craze in the UK. According to the Daily Beast, the novel has caused a frenzy and has quickly become Amazon Japan's fastest-selling book ever. Murakami's latest novel tells the story of 36-year-old Tsukuru Tazaki, a lonely man who is still grappling with rejection by his high school friends many years later. 

Here are some other bestselling Murakami novels to hold you over while you wait patiently for the latest one. Be sure to stay tuned for a U.S. release date!

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