Katie Woo Teaches Kids How to Write

In a new set of easy reader books, popular character Katie Woo guides young readers through the writing process for various writing styles. Help your kids get ready for the new school year with these six wonderful resources about writing letters, research papers, narratives, journal entries, poems, and opinion pieces.

sincerely katie book cover

After she writes a thank you letter to a classroom visitor, Katie becomes hooked on writing letters to everyone she knows.

cover image for stick to the facts Stick to the Facts, Katie: Writing a Research Paper with Katie Woo
Katie writes a rough draft of a paper on butterflies, then revises it until it's ready to turn in to her teacher.
book cover for what happens next katie? What Happens Next, Katie? Writing a Narrative with Katie Woo
When Katie and her family go on a trip, she writes a story based on her experiences, filled with lots of details appealing to each of her senses.
book cover for what's in your heart katie What's in Your Heart, Katie? Writing in a Journal with Katie Woo
When she loses her good luck charm, Katie discovers that she can capture all of her feelings about it in a journal.
book cover for it doesn't need to rhyme katie It Doesn't Need to Rhyme, Katie: Writing a Poem with Katie Woo
Katie learns that some poems rhyme, and others do not, when she and her classmates write poems inspired by their daily lives.
cover for what do you think katie What Do You Think, Katie? Writing an Opinion Piece with Katie Woo
When her friends upset her, Katie Woo writes unkind opinion pieces about them, but she learns that this is not the best way to express how she feels.