Book Spotlight: "Nikki and Deja"

Book by Karen English, Illustrations by Laura Freeman

Deja and Nikki are best friends.  They live right by one another.  They go to the same school and are inseparable.  Antonia moves in next door but she can’t break these two girls apart.  But that’s before Deja has an idea to start a drill club during recess.  Deja and Nikki is a lovely chapter book, with regular African-American girl characters in everyday situations; trying to do each other hair, having friendship drama and hoping that the loud kids in line don’t get the whole class in trouble.  The book is also about friendships, jealousy, miscommunication and forgiveness.  The lesson in this book story was that things can still be great even if they don’t go as expected.  Kids reading this book will relate to another part of growing up. This is a chapter book, and is recommend for kids in grades 2 and 3.

English, Karen. Nikki & Deja. New York: Clarion Books, 2007.
Book summary by Sally Kanagbou, Library Associate.